New process installation for fire-fighting courses

Date: Monday April 20, 2015

The introduction of our new industrial process installation means once again a major step forward in improving our training facilities. DHTC instructors together with our technician came up with a complete new design. The new installation consists of three floors and is packed with pumps, pipelines, valves, tanks and workstations which are housed in containers. The workstations are protected by a deluge system.  As a result we are able to create situations in our fire-fighting courses and exercises which are more realistic than ever.   process installation

Excellent training possibilities.

This installation is mainly used for NOGEPA offshore Fire Team Member and Fire Team Leader courses. Furthermore, we are also able to provide fire brigades and industrial companies with excellent realistic training possibilities in industrial fire-fighting. A much needed facility suited for the improvement of skills and tactics of fire-fighters.

High expectations

The commissioning of the new process installation took place on April 17th 2015. The Fire Brigade of Douwe Egberts (coffee blenders) was the first to use this new training unit. At the end of the training day the participants spoke very highly about the possibilities of the new installation.  Finally and most important, the new training unit did fully meet the high expectations placed on it.