History of safety training in Den Helder

The History of safety training in Den Helder started in 1976. The first special offshore safety courses were provided to employees of the N.A.M. (a joint venture between Shell and Exxon) in 1976. During this period, the search for oil and gas in the North Sea was fully under-way and there was a growing need for special safety training for offshore personnel.

The early years

In these early years the safety courses were provided by the Noorderhaaks Nautical College, based in the eye-catching premises on the Ankerpark in Den Helder. Theory lessons for the offshore courses were taught in the specially equipped classroom in the basement. Practical sessions were held in the local swimming pool De Schots and near the N.A.M. gas station alongside the Noordholland Canal, using a rescue capsule suspended from a small platform. History

From Nautical College to DHTC

On November 20, 1984 the Dutch Offshore Training Centre (D.O.T.C.) was established.  Followed in 1990 by a new company RUTH bv, introducing the first HUET training facilities in the Netherlands.  In 1993 International Fire Safety Centre Noordkop (IFSC Noordkop) was established. IFSC Noordkop operated a fully enclosed fire exercise hall at Kooypunt industrial estate in Den Helder.  In 1997 DOTC, RUTH and IFSC Noordkop continue as one company DHTC (Den Helder Training Centre bv) and in the same year our Free-Fall lifeboat installation became operational.


In 1999, the R.O.C. Kop van Noord-Holland became the sole shareholder and owner of DHTC bv. As of August 1, 2022 the new name is VONK.