About DHTC

More information about DHTC

DHTC is an international provider of a wide variety of safety courses for the offshore oil & gas industry, maritime industry, offshore wind industry and related companies. DHTC also organises various courses for the assistance services of companies, (government) organizations and Dutch regional and municipal fire brigades.

Training Facilities

DHTC’s training facilities include an indoor swimming pool (600m3) equipped with a heli-dunker, a training platform in the seaport of Den Helder, operating a variety of survival crafts and rescue boats, a large, fully enclosed fire exercise hall with multiple realistic training units, a special building for realistic training for fire brigades and a total of 8 modern equipped classrooms. These training facilities are located close to the harbour and Den Helder’s major roads. Den Helder Airport is “right around the corner”. DHTC is only an hour’s drive from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Heerenveen (no traffic jams).


DHTC is member of the IRO (The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry), Royal Association of Netherlands Ship-owners (associate member) and the Harbour & Shipping Association Den Helder (HSV).  DHTC is founding partner of Tech@Connect.