State of the art HUET helicopter simulator for DHTC

Date: Wednesday September 03, 2014

At the end of August 2014, DHTC in Den Helder brought into use a brand new HUET helicopter simulator. The SEFtec Configurable HUET. The new simulator will be used to provide HUET training for people transported to and from offshore installations by helicopter.  As the simulator used for these training courses is approaching the end of its useful life, it is replaced by a modern SEFtec Configurable HUET unit.

Technical details

The simulator, from the manufacturer in Ireland, weights 1,700 Kg and has seating for 8 and 6 bays with removable panels, for configuration changes. Personnel who fly with helicopters like the AW139, EC155 and S92 can use this simulator to learn how to quickly and safely exit from the helicopter, in the event of an emergency landing in the sea. HUET helicopter simulator

The first

DHTC was the first training institute in the Netherlands to offer so-called Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) in 1990. Since that time practically all oil companies have put their offshore personnel through HUET training in Den Helder. At the same time, the helicopter operators themselves make intensive use of this unique facility for training their own crews.

Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy & the Defence Helicopter Command also used the facility at DHTC for more then seven years, for training their Lynx helicopter crews.

Investment programme

The purchase of the new helicopter simulator is part of a multi-year investment programme at DHTC which in turn is part of a large-scale renewal and improvement project for all exercise objects and training facilities in Den Helder. A fire training helicopter of the type AW139 was also recently purchased.


On the DHTC You Tube Channel you will find a short video clip of the first training session with our new helicopter simulator.