Temporary dispensation arrangements in relation to COVID-19

Date: Monday March 23, 2020

Due to the circumstances regarding the corona outbreak, organisations have temporarily adjusted their dispensation scheme for participation in a refresher course. We have summarized these measures for you.  


The NOGEPA dispensation scheme is extended in light of continued restrictions due to COVID-19. Dispensation will be given up and until August 31, 2020 for both basic- and refresher certificates.   This means: All NOGEPA training certificates that expired on or after March 16 2020 will remain valid  until August 31, 2020.  This also applies to certificates for which an earlier dispensation expired on or after March 16. Dispensations that are valid on or after September 1, 2020 are based on the normal dispensation conditions as described in NOGEPA standard 1.

Dispensation request

If you require a dispensation please fill in the DHTC Dispensation Request Form as normal procedure and forward to: info@dhtc.nl  For dispensation requests of training that is due to expire after June 1st, the normal dispensation period of 3 months will be applied.

Your dispensation letter

If you already received a dispensation letter issued by NOGEPA on or after 16 March 2020, the validity of that dispensation letter is automatically extended until September 1st 2020 (so no need to fill in a form again).

Medical examination

NOGEPA medical examinations that expire between 16th March and 31 May 2020, will be automatically extended until June 1st, 2020. No additional letter and / or certificate from an authority or medical examiner is required for this. Offshore employees who have yet to be medically tested, fall outside of this regulation and will therefore have to be inspected in accordance to the guidelines.


The Global Wind Organisation has agreed to allow as a temporary measure until 1 June 2020 that course participants unable to refresh previous training within the 24 month validity period due to COVID 19, may be able to take their planned refresher training up until 60 days after expiry.  Training Providers offering the refresher training to course participants under this exemption must contact GWO to receive further instructions.  The 60 day flexibility period following expiry of a training certificate is now in force until 31st December 2020.

Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate

Due to the corona virus, Seafarer Medical Certificates with an expiry date between March 19 and June 19, 2020 shall be recognized as valid Seafarer Medical Certificates until June 19, 2020.  


If you have questions, please contact us by phone +31 223 62 50 70 or e-mail via info@dhtc.nl.   Dispensation