NOGEPA dispensation arrangements in relation to COVID-19

Date: Wednesday April 21, 2021

NOGEPA Dispensation

From May 1st 2021, the regular dispensation rules for expired NOGEPA certificates will apply again. However, after May 1st NOGEPA will make 1 more corona-related exception, namely:
Employees with a basic certificate who, due to travel restrictions, cannot be in the Netherlands for a NOGEPA refresher training before their basic certificate expires can receive dispensation for following the refresher training, up to a maximum of 3 months after the expiry date of the basic certificate.
With this temporary exception, NOGEPA wants to accommodate employees who are not stationed in the Netherlands. NOGEPA understands that 3 months does not always provide a solution. Yet that duration is the limit. Employees whose basic certificate expired 4 months ago will therefore have to follow the basic training, instead of the refresher training.


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