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2 years
Course duration
2 days
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Intended for

Everyone who is designated to perform first aid tasks in a first aid organization at a mining installation.


At the end of the course, the delegate should have the required knowledge and skills in order to be able to render first aid to victims of accidents or acute sick persons at a mining installation. Accompany sick or wounded persons during transport from the workplace to the shore. Co-ordinate and assist in case of serious accidents with several victims. Manage the first aid equipment at the mining installation. Communicate effectively with the back-up doctor ashore and perform first aid actions o

Course content

  • Basic principles of rendering first aid and personal hygiene before treating open wounds and use of first aid equipment.
  • Giving injections into a muscle on indication of a physician.
  • Immobilization of patients with suspected back and/or neck injury.
  • Preparations for transport of wounded/sick persons.
  • Communication and radio medical advice and keep medical administration up to date.
  • First aid for unconscious patients, drowning and hypothermia.
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and operating an automatic external defibrillator (AED).
  • Simple wound treatment, use of bandages, stop bleeding, first aid at shock, immobilize fractures and the use of trauma scale.

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid certificate or stamp in PSL of the NOGEPA 2.2A/B certificate / stamp in PSL, or a valid Orange Cross First Aid diploma.
Medical requirement(s)
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Maximum No. of participants
Additional information
A valid (Dutch) Orange Cross First Aid diploma is accepted as entry requirement for participation in the NOGEPA 2.2B refresher course.
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€ 10,00

Start dates

Zeilmakersweg 10
Den Helder
Available seats: 6
Zeilmakersweg 10
Den Helder
Available seats: 6