Course code
NOGEPA 2.3B/2.7B F
Validity certificate
2 years
Course duration
2 days
Course price (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Persons designated as coxswain of a Fast Rescue Craft and a Free Fall Lifeboat


Training of delegates in the preparation, launching and handling of fast rescue boats and survival craft in use at a mining installation.

Course content

  • Basic concepts of good seamanship determine a course and steer by compass, operate the equipment on board the Fast Rescue Craft (FRC).
  • Check the state of maintenance and readiness of the FRC and free-fall lifeboat.
  • Preparing the survival craft for launching, boarding of passengers and ensuring the safety of passengers.
  • Launching and recovery of the free-fall life boat.
  • The execution of all procedures associated with launching, recovery and Man Overboard rescue operations.
  • Search pattern with navigational aids e.g. compass, PLB, homing device, GPS equipment and recovery and transport of a victim from the water
  • Take command in all situations that arise concerning the rescue of persons who have fallen overboard.
  • Participating in a capsize drill . (Note: only needed during the basic training).

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid certificate or stamp in the PSL of the NOGEPA 2.3A/B and 2.7A/B - F
Medical requirement(s)
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid NOGEPA / OGUK / UKOOA / OLF approved offshore medical certificate.
Course language
Dutch and English
Maximum No. of participants
Additional information
Registration costs (excl. VAT)
€ 20,00

Start dates

For course dates, please contact the DHTC booking office, Phone: +31 (0)223 - 62 50 70 or