Course code
HUET refresher
Validity certificate
4 years
Course duration
4 hours
Course price (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Helicopter passengers that (sometimes) fly to and from ships and offshore wind farms and not need a NOGEPA 0.4, 0.5A or 0.5B.


To train the student how to escape from a helicopter while underwater.

Course content

  • Preparation for an emergency landing.
  • Helicopter safety, familiarisation with procedures related to helicopter safety in various stages of the flight.
  • Dry and wet emergency landing.
  • CA-EBS (Emergency Breathing System) familiarization.
  • Abandoning helicopter in various situations; floating upright and capsized in the water.

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid certificate or stamp in the PSL of the HUET
Medical requirement(s)
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid NOGEPA / OGUK / UKOOA / OLF / AWMF approved offshore medical certificate Or a valid Pilot medical / Divers medical or Seafarers medical certificate and if possible including the 'Fit for CA-EBS Wet Training registration'.
Course language
Dutch and English
Maximum No. of participants
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