Course code
Validity certificate
2 years
Course duration
1,5 day
Course price (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Persons designated to act as Helicopter Deck Assistant (HDA) at an offshore mining installation acting under the supervision of the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO),


Training delegates in theory and practice in performing activities related to helicopter operations at an offshore mining installation, both under normal conditions and emergency situations.

Course content

  • Procedures and actions for starting the helicopter engines and any support provided.
  • Carrying out fuel quality checks, fuel installation operations and refuelling a helicopter.
  • Hazards of helicopter operations, dangerous areas, entry and escape routes.
  • Preparation of the helideck and associated (fire-fighting) equipment for the landing and take-off of a helicopter.
  • Performance of normal and emergency procedures, connected with the landing and takeoff of helicopters.
  • Boarding or disembarking of persons and loading or unloading of freight (including dangerous materials).
  • The loading of the helicopter and the collection of the data for the determination of the weight of the helicopter.

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant must be in the posession of a valid NOGEPA 2.6A/B in case refuelling activities are taken place on the installation or NOGEPA 2.9A/B in case no refuelling activities are taken place on the installation.
Medical requirement(s)
The course participant must be in the posession of a valid NOGEPA / OGUK / UKOOA / OLF / AWMF approved offshore medical certificate.
Course language
Dutch and English
Maximum No. of participants
Additional information
Registration costs (excl. VAT)
€ 10,00

Start dates

Zeilmakersweg 10
Den Helder
Available seats: 6