Course code
Validity certificate
4 years
Course duration
2 days
Course price (excl. VAT)
On request

Intended for

Offshore Installation Managers (or equivalent used Job titles) on offshore mining installations where due to its limited size, manning, and configuration no fully equipped fire-fighting and rescue team is available.


This course is designed for handling a calamity on an offshore mining installation.

Course content

  • To take care of a well-trained calamity organisation.
  • To determine the situation with regard to the calamity.
  • To determine the situation with regard to the calamity.
  • To maintain good communications during calamities.
  • To delegate fire-fighting and rescue tasks.
  • To lead exercises.
  • To deal with stress

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant is presumed to have knowledge of offshore rescue and fire-fighting.
Medical requirement(s)
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid NOGEPA / OGUK / UKOOA / OLF / AWMF approved offshore medical certificate.
Course language
Dutch and English
Maximum No. of participants
Additional information
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Start dates

For course dates, please contact the DHTC booking office, Phone: +31 (0)223 - 62 50 70 or