Course code
BT Fishery Refr.
Validity certificate
No expiry
Course duration
3 days
Course price (excl. VAT)
On request

Intended for

Fishermen working on a sea going fishing vessel.


Familiarization and basic safety training. Participants acquire a minimum level of understanding the circumstances and hazards and the control measures for these. During the course there is special attention for safety on board fishing vessels.

Course content

  • Personal and group survival techniques, survival at sea, right an inverted life-raft while wearing a lifejacket.
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting, including the use of breathing apparatus.
  • Take precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment.
  • Elementary first aid and transport of casualties.
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities and fatigue.
  • General safety on board fishing vessels and prevention of accidents
  • Fishing methods and specific risks of each fishing methode.

Course details

Prerequisite training
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid certificate Basic Safety Training Fishery (Basis Veiligheidstraining Vissersvaartuigen)
Medical requirement(s)
The course participant must be in the possession of a valid seafarers medical certificate. On the first course day you must submit a copy of the medical certificate upon arrival.
Course language
Maximum No. of participants
Additional information
The participant (if passed) receives 2 certificates: - Basis Veiligheidstraining Zeevisvaart (Basic Safety Training Fishery) - Basic Safety Training STCW A-VI / 1(table 1 - 4).
Registration costs (excl. VAT)

Start dates

For course dates, please contact the DHTC booking office, Phone: +31 (0)223 - 62 50 70 or